What are Nematodes?

Nematodes are an organic, natural way of controlling many types of pests, helping you to manage infestations without the use of harmful and unnatural chemicals. Nematodes are microscopic worms that can be found in the soil.

How do Nematodes Work?

You will require the specific type of nematodes for the pest you are looking to control.

The way that nematodes work differs depending on type.
Slug nematodes feed and multiply inside the slug until it stops feeding and disintegrates.
Vine Weevil nematodes work by seeking out and killing vine weevil larvae.
Ant nematodes encourage ants to move their nests elsewhere as ants cannot tolerate the nematodes being near their nest.
Leatherjacket nematodes seek out the leatherjackets and attack the pest by entering natural body openings, releasing bacteria that stops the pest from feeding and quickly killing the pest.

Chafer nematodes
actively search for white grubs present in the root zone, the nematodes then multiply inside the grub until it decomposes.

How Long do the Nematodes Live?

Nematodes can be stored in a refrigerator for 2-4 weeks (always check the expiry date located on the inside packaging). Once in the soil they work for approximately 6 weeks.

Where Should I Apply Nematodes?

Apply the nematodes anywhere that the pests are found and the surrounding areas. 

Does the Area I Apply the Nematodes Need to be Clear of Shrubs?

No, the area doesn’t need to be clear. The nematodes will be soaked and absorbed into the soil. Nematodes are safe to use around any plants or produce.

Can I Eat Produce That Has Been Treated With Nematodes?

Yes, just wash your produce in the usual way before consuming.

How do I Apply Nematodes?

All nematodes are mixed with water and applied using a hose end applicator. The coarse watering can rose is ideal for applying nematodes, with a 1.5mm hole size. Full instructions come with each pack of nematodes as they may vary slightly for different types of nematodes.

Can I Use More Than One Nematode at the Same Time?

You can apply different types of nematodes straight after each other to the same area. However, don’t mix two different types in one application.

Are Nematodes Harmful to Wildlife, Animals and Children?

No, the nematodes are safe to use around all wildlife, animals and children, except the pest they are targeting. Pets and children can access the area straight after nematodes have been applied without causing any harm to themselves.

How Often Should I Water After Applying Nematodes?

Ensure the soil is moist and the temperature is above 5ºC before applying the nematodes. Water daily if required, ensuring the soil does not dry out for at least 2 weeks.

Can I Put Topsoil on After Applying Nematodes?

It is recommended to leave it a couple of days after application to ensure the nematodes have worked their way into the soil, you can then add topsoil.

Can I use Lawn Feed After Applying Nematodes?

Leave for 2 weeks between applying nematodes and feed.

When Can I Cut my Lawn After Applying Nematodes?

We would advise to wait a couple of days for the nematodes to enter the soil before cutting the lawn.

How do I Order Nematodes?

On the product page, select your product, when you get to the checkout you can choose the dates. If ordering multiple deliveries we will take the first date then calculate 6 week intervals. If you want to actually choose each date for delivery order your nematodes here

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