Vine Weevil Nematodes

Vine Weevil Nematodes
Product Code: VW002
{Description}Nemasys vine weevil nematodes will help you to avoid damage to the roots of your plants this year by applying these microscopic transparent worms (Heterorhabditis megidis) which feed and multiply inside the larva, not visible with a hand lens. The nematodes seek out and kill vine weevil larvae.

Please note these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 2 weeks

{When to Apply}
Apply when the larvae are active in late Spring and early Autumn. High infestations may need two applications.

Autumn use is the most effective as the larvae are younger and have not caused significant damage to plants at that time. Banding pots with Insect Barrier Glue will stop the adults climbing into the pots.
{How to Apply}
Nematodes can be applied by either using a watering can or a nematode applicator. view details here

Please note these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 2 weeks


1 Application will usually last around 6 weeks and then you may be required to apply another pack of nematodes.
Ideal time to apply Vine Weevil Nematodes are Late March - May - August/September. Please note the nematodes only work on the larvae not the adults

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Vine Weevil Information

Vine weevil is a black beetle that attacks a wide range of plants, inside and outside, but is especially damaging to plants grown in pots.

It is one of the most widespread, common and devastating garden problems. The grubs of the vine weevil cause the most damage over autumn and winter when they feed on plant roots, the adult weevils eat leaves during spring and summer. This damage can result in your plants wilting and dying.

Plants growing in pots and containers, outdoors or under cover, are most likely to be severely damaged by vine weevil grubs. Plants growing in open ground are less likely to be damaged, although heavy infestations of grubs can occur on strawberries.

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