Ant Nematodes

Ant Nematodes
Product Code: Ant Nematodes
{Description}The parasitic nematode, Steinernema feltiae, can be used as a non-chemical control of any colour ant. Safe to children, pets and wildlife.

The ants do not tolerate the nematodes near their nests and move their nests away from these areas. Nematodes can be applied by either using a watering can or a nematode applicator. Please ensure that the watering can rose has large holes.

The nematode applicator speeds up the process and is perfect for covering larger areas. Clicking Here.

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{When and How to Treat}
Apply when ant activity is visible on top of the lawn, this is typically April through to September. Soil temperature must be at least 10°C.

Best applied in the evening or in dull, cloudy weather conditions, avoiding exposure to bright sunlight. It is vital to apply to a moist lawn or border as the nematodes are unable to move in dry soils. Mix the nematodes in 2 litres of clean water, stir, dilute further to 20 litres and apply immediately using a watering can. Water again and keep the soil moist for 14 days.

1 Application will usually last around 6 weeks and then you may be required to apply another pack of nematodes.

{Pack Sizes}
Available in packs to treat 16 nest or 50 nests. The lawn is safe to use straight after application

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Ant Nematodes, Steinernema feltiae

Steinernema feltiae, commonly described here as ant nematodes can be used as a non-chemical control for ants. Safe to children, pets and wildlife. The nematodes are produced by BASF in the UK.

How to Apply

Apply when ant activity is visible on the soil surface, which is typically from April through to September.

Ensure the soil temperature is above 10ºC (50°F). Locate the ant nest(s) and pour the nematode solution directly into each nest, using a watering can with a very coarse rose or a nematode applicator.

Soak the treated nests with water immediately after application.Make sure the nests do not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes.

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