Slug Nematodes 40sqm

Slug Nematodes 40 Sqm
Product Code: SN001X
{Description}Nemasys slug nematodes will stop the slugs eating your fruit, vegetables and flowers. There are many pests that cause problems in the garden or allotment, but none with a more voracious appetite than slugs.

Slugs tend to stay underground, feeding on decaying organic matter, developing unseen and waiting for you to plant young seedlings.

When to Apply Nematodes
Usually between February and October, with the British weather, this does vary slightly from year to year. The soil temperature needs to be 5oC or over. Nematodes can survive the occassional frost. If you are using in a greenhouse where the soil temperature is over 5oC you can use all year round.

To ensure you keep the slugs at bay, apply a fresh batch of nematodes every 6 weeks.

{What are Nematodes?}
Nematodes are microscopic worms that will seek out slugs in the soil, and enter into the slug via their mantle. They are supplied in packets that are mixed with water and applied to the ground through a watering can or applicator.

{How do They Work?}
Once the nematodes are inside the slug the slug will stop feeding after 2/3 days and die in about 7 days. You will not see loads of dead slugs as they die underground.

One application will give around six weeks control.


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